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The Life Change Health Institute Holistic Assessment and Support Planning

The Life Change Health Institute takes a holistic approach to the assessment and support planning of participants on their programs, taking into account physical needs, emotional needs, psychological needs and social needs. An initial assessment will be the basis for all individualised plans, each one taking into account the specific needs of every participant and tailoring a client centred package. This approach stems from the ideology that every participant is unique and because of this a support plan needs to cater for each individual. The support plan will include; ‘The 7 Day Tailored Package’, an ‘Aftercare Checklist’ and access to ‘Follow on Support Services’ additional resources for one to one sessions, access to Radical Aliveness Psychodynamic Group Psychotherapy (without the assessment period)


The 7 day Tailored Package’, this will include a mix of; psychodynamic group psychotherapy, breath work workshop, sacred sexuality and Tantra workshops, a personalised diet plan, social support guidance, participation in educational workshops, exercise plans, dance and movement therapy, meditation and relaxation, detoxifying baths, prescribed massages and tailored herbal teas, juices and elixirs. This package will be devised and managed over the 7 days by The Life Change Support Planner, the facilitation of different aspects of the package will be carried out by trained therapists, raw food specialists, herbalists, psychotherapists and a whole range of trained professionals.

‘Aftercare Checklist’ this part of the support plan will help the participant reintegrate back into the greater community after being in an intensive therapeutic space for 7 days, taking a holistic approach and providing a range of supportive information and guidance. This tool can be used to embody the principles and ideology of The Life Change Health institute and expand on the healing and therapeutic value of the program.

‘Follow on Support Services’ are additional resources such as; one to one sessions, access to Radical Aliveness Group Therapy (without the assessment period), which involves weekly support groups and workshops on conscious parenting, sacred sexuality, and trauma recovery work. This part of the support plan also highlights the importance of being involved in the greater community and the supports that can be accessed and utilised within it.


Participant Care Advocate

This programme is dynamic and holistic in its approach, meaning that there’s a wide range of supports needing to be managed and facilitated throughout the week. This space will be cared for by the Participant Case Manager, the initial admissions assessment will give us a better understanding of what you want from this program and how we can best support you. Throughout the week you will be participating in process groups, the Case Manager will provide you with the support you may need outside of this space, creating a Mothering environment which will nourish and promote emotional, psychological and physical well being. ,

The Care Advocate is not an additional therapeutic space but a Mothering support that will guide you on your journey. In many cultures and tribes all over the world the female presence in these groups is seen as vital, it provides nourishment for the soul and spirit, a loving presence of unconditional support. During the week if you have any concerns or questions the Care Advocate will be available to meet with you and provide you with guidance. On the final day there will also be a closing session where a check in will be done with the Care advocate, this will prepare you for your return to your everyday living after a week of deep process and personal journey. Support will be given and advice on how best to continue onto your new found path.