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The Ultimate Relationship Program

//The Ultimate Relationship Program

The Ultimate Relationship Program



The Ultimate Relationship Program - Trauma Informed Relationship Coaching: 6 Steps to a Passionate Intimate Committed Relationship 

Step 1. The Unconscious Contract: Establish triggers, needs and agreements.

Step 2. The Seven Principles: Establish a relationship mission statement, why are you in the relationship? what are the relationship shared goals.

Step 3. Understanding The Imago: Explore each other's internal world through our inner child visualisation exercise.

Step 4. The Ten Commandments: Explore and practise the bridge exercise. visit each other on the bridge, listen, validate, create a safe space.

Step 5. Two Is The Magic Number: Make each other and the relationship the priority. Manage the thirds, discuss external energies and others which may come between you or are prioritised before you. Discuss addictions, withdrawal, hobbies, children, family, friends, food, distractions, phones etc.

Step 6. The Tantric Path - Let's Talk About Sex: Discuss and explore patterns of intimacy, touch, arousal, love making, desires, play, masculine and feminine dominance. Develop a tantric ritual.


Course Includes

  1. 12 x 90 minute ultimate relationship consultations with relationship coach
  2. Online Platform with exercises, assignments, videos and questionnaires
  3. Ultimate Relationship Guide Pdf
  4. Understanding Relationship Style via trauma history, adverse childhood experiences and attachment assessment forms
  5. Informative presentations and further learning on the poly vagal theory, interpersonal neurobiology and attachment theory.

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