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Residual Sugar Test Kit

//Residual Sugar Test Kit

Residual Sugar Test Kit




The Residual Sugar Test Kit includes 10 tests, 10 samplers, and an insert with complete how-to-run test instructions. The insert also includes a Summary Interpretation explaining how to use the test results. The label with the color chart is on the front of the kit. This test only for fructose and glucose sugars, the sugars reduced in primary fermentation. Reducing sugars in ferments consist of hexoses (mainly glucose and fructose) and pentoses (mainly arabinose and xylose). The pentoses are not fermentable by yeasts. Since pentoses alone can vary from 0.4 - 2.0 g/L, the best measure of primary fermentation is the determination of glucose and fructose. The test range is 100 - 2,000 mg/L.

Check your ferment for available sugar before stopping your ferment or before drinking or bottling (helps prevent bottles exploding).