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Raw Organic Carob

Raw Organic Carob



Carob powder is made from the long bean-like pods of the carob tree, a flowering evergreen shrub with native roots to the Mediterranean. After the carob pods are harvested, the pod pulp is extracted, dried and ground into a powder. Used as a replacement for cacao or cocoa, carob has naturally sweetened chocolate taste, without the caffeine or theobromine stimulants typically found in chocolate. Our carob powder is made from organic carob pods. The flesh is pulverized into a fine hygroscopic powder without the use of additives, preservatives, fillers or alternate processing aids. Unlike other carob powders, our raw processing keeps the nutrients intact without the use of roasting or other high temperature processing. As carob is a fantastic source of calcium and cacao is a fantastic source of magnesium, it is a perfect match to add caroib to cacao recipes.

454g of Certified Organic Carob Powder