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Plant Based Chef Professional Certification Course Online

//Plant Based Chef Professional Certification Course Online

Plant Based Chef Professional Certification Course Online



Plant Based Academy is a world renowned international raw vegan organic plant based training and culinary medicine university. Plant Based Academy is a world authority on refined fine dining raw food mastery training, plant based nutritional science training, comprehensive lifestyle medicine training, advanced herbalism training and culinary medicine education. We  offer a 12 month online professional certificate course, a 12 week professional certificate course at our state of art academy kitchen classroom in Dublin Ireland and a 12-week Teachers Training Diploma course in Dublin Ireland. Plant Based Academy is dedicated and obsessively committed to "sustainable veganism" through plant based nutritional science, culinary medicine & lifestyle medicine education. We believe strongly that with the proper guidance and knowledge on correct plant based nutrition that not only is a plant based vegan diet and lifestyle, an incredibly ethical decision for animals and our planet, but also a perfectly adequate and a life long sustainable health promoting, disease preventing and reversing approach for all of us. Plant Based Academy specialises in Lifestyle Medicine, Advanced Fermentation, Taoist Herbalism, culinary Medicine and plant based nutritional science. Our course is the most comprehensive course of this kind on the planet, a deep dive into biohacking, longevity, powerful immunity, health science, optimum mitochondrial health, plant hormetic science, plant based fine dining and so much more.

The Professional Certificate Course:

Our professional certificate course is not only the most recognised plant based course available but also the most comprehensive and at the best value plant based qualification in the world . This is also the only course which focuses on plant based nutritional science , culinary medicine and lifestyle medicine including advanced fermentation & herbalism and we also include modules on advanced cacao making and plant based medicinal skincare. Our Ethos is 100% organic 100% sugar free. We do not use any processed sugars such as agave, coconut sugar or nectar. This course is a life changing course and an incredible investment for you and the planet. This course offers you a Professional Certification in Culinary Medicine, Plant Based Nutritional Science , Lifestyle Medicine, Raw Food Mastery to a Michelin Star level without any previous chef experience. You do not need prior experience to take this course and you do not have to be a chef or nutritionist to take this course. This Course is suitable for doctors, nurses, chefs, health enthusiasts, experienced vegans and raw foodists, complete beginners and people looking to start a plant based business. We have had hundreds of students come through our courses over many years and Many of them have used their professional certificate to gain employment in plant based businesses around the world and to build new plant based businesses. Many students have also use their training to assist them in the pursuit of optimum health for themselves and loved ones.  On this world unique course you will learn how to prepare the healthiest vegan food on the planet completely sugar free , refined, medicinal and super delicious . You will also learn about the scientific mechanisms, metabolic pathways and processes to reverse and prevent aging and chronic illnesses. You will learn about plant compounds which activate certain genes which turn on longevity and contributes to incredible health and energy and turns off certain genes responsible for inflammation and ageing.

 Join the plant based revolution.!


The Professional Certificate Course Curriculum Modules:

Module 1 - Plant Based Health & Essentials & Plant based Nutritional Science & Culinary Medicine
- The Facts & Myths of Raw Food.

Module 2 - The Art of Advanced Fermentation & The Science of Gut Microbiota,
Probiotics, Prebiotics, Synbiotics & Psychobiotics.

Module 3 - Liquid Nutrition. Smoothies, Seed Milks, Slow Cooked Soups &
Cold Pressed Juices. Medicinal Elixir Essentials.

Module 4 - Medicinal Herbs & Medicinal Mushrooms. Tonics, Teas, Tinctures &
Extractions. The Science of Chinese Taoist Herbalism.

Module 5 - The Art of Raw Gourmet Chocolate & Healthy Light Refined Desserts.
Healthy Sugars, Nut Free Cakes & Medicinal Cookies.

Module 6 - Food Dehydration. Crackers, Breads, Crisps, Cookies, pizza & Wraps.
The Dangers of High Temperature Cooking.

Module 7 - Molecular Gastronomy. Classic French Culinary Preparation Technique and
Knife Skills & Growing Wheatgrass & Sprouting Micro-greens.

Module 8 - Raw Gourmet Meal Demonstration. Costing, Planning,Writing & Ececuting a Menu.
Menu Presentation. Refined Culinary Medicine at Michelin Star Level.

Module 9 - Practical & Written Exam. 5 Course Fine Dining Refined & Medicinal
Plant Based Menu Presentation. Setting up a Plant Based Business, Menu Costings & Profit & Loss.

Module 10 - Plant Based Skin Care which are Raw Vegan Organic & Edible. Medicinal
Face Care Protocal & Nuturing the Moist Envelope of the Soul with Ammonia Oxidizing Bacteria (AOB).

Module 11 - Lifestyle Medicine Part I. BioHacking & Functional Health. How to achieve optimum Health,
Happiness & Longevity with Passion, vitality and Incredible Relationships.

Module 12 - Lifestyle Medicine Part II. Raw Food on The Go & How to Travel and Thrive
on Plant Based Health Foods & Lifestyle Biohacks

Book your Place Now & Become a Certified Raw Food Chef, Lifestyle Medicine Coach & Plant Based Nutrition Coach with the Most Advanced, Professional and Comprehensive Plant Based Training Available. Once you begin the onsite course you will also get immediate access to this fantastic online course. Each module contains in-depth summary & discussion notes, recipes, reading material, homework assignments and resources particular to each topic. Read some of our Testimonials. Read about course lecturer here.

The Most Comprehensive Plant Based Course Available Anywhere in The World. 

About The Course:

The course is developed by Institute Director, relational psychologist, plant based nutritionist, professional chef, passionate plant based and organic advocate & experienced restauranteur Darren Maguire who has been a strict raw organic vegan for over 14 years now. Our curriculum has been designed to empower you to be successful at achieving extraordinary personal health once and for all, and to develop a career in teaching others about Organic Living Food, Plant-Based Nutrition and become a Plant Based Academy Lifestyle Medicine Coach. The Plant Based Academy Professional Certificate Lifestyle Medicine Coaching program, is comprised of 12 comprehensive modules each delivered with a background and framework of psychology, plant based nutritional science, the latest gut research, and refined culinary skill. The Course will teach you the art, history and science of lifestyle medicine and plant based nutrition and show you how to practically implement an organic, vegan, raw and living food, healthy refined & aesthetically pleasing plant-based diet.


Take This online Course and Include 12 90 Minute Private classes in person or via Skype with Darren Maguire. Darren will guide you through each module discussing the art and science of each topic in-depth. Click HERE for this option.