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Organic Cacao Powder Bali

//Organic Cacao Powder Bali

Organic Cacao Powder Bali




Our unique Raw Cacao Powder has a dark chocolate aroma and nutty undertones, with notes of citrus and clove. Created from Balinese Cacao Nibs which are stone-ground and cold-pressed to produce this exquisite, artisan quality powder. The unique raw process delivers high nutrient density and a complex flavor profile.  Acclaimed for the high levels of antioxidants and phytochemically diverse nutrients, raw cacao is a nutritional powerhouse. Each step of the way is monitored to ensure a cold-processed product. The result is delicious rich powder with a boost of energy and nutrition.

Highest Quality cold pressed Balinese Cacao Powder 450g raw Organic (Taste The Difference)