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Green French Clay

//Green French Clay

Green French Clay




Thanks to its numerous properties, Superfine Green Clay can be used to beneficial effect on both the skin and the organism. This Green Clay is used in facial masks and poultices, due to its beneficial action on the skin and body. Absorbent, purifying and regenerating, our Green Clay is especially well-suited to the care of combination to oily skins. It absorbs and regulates excess sebum, eliminates toxins and impurities, revitalises the skin and encourages cellular renewal. It also has antiseptic and softening properties. With its high content of micro-nutrients, it provides the skin and body with minerals and oligo-elements. Green Clay also has a healing and re-mineralising effect, alleviates joint and muscular pains, soothes burns, sore throats (when combined with essential oil of lavender), abscesses, scars and skin irritations, in addition to alleviating bloating and other stomach discomfort.