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Comprehensive Nutrition & Lifestyle Program

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Comprehensive Nutrition & Lifestyle Program



At Life Change Health Institute we adhere to the principles of Functional Health. Functional Health is a consilient view on healing. We view each person as a holistic human being in all their wonder and complexity. As we as humans have bodies, we look at an individual through the lens of chemistry, anatomy and nutrition, as we are living beings we look through the lens of biology, relationships and neurobiology, as we have a mind we look through the lens of psychology, as we function in groups we look through the lens of sociology, group dynamics and group psychology, as we have culture we look through the lens of anthropology. We take this view of humanity and challenges to humanity such as stress, disease and illness in all of the work we do at Life Change Health Institute. We do not believe that there is any one cause or any one solution or cure to any challenge we face. We have devised a world unique 5 Step Holistic Approach to Optimum Health which can be used to reverse disease and achieve radiant health, our approach is designed to address the root causes of disease rather than simply addressing symptomology.

Our 5 Step Holistic Approach to Optimum Health is 1) Eliminating toxic and inflammatory foods, 2) Rebuilding the Body & Rebuild the Gut, 3) Identifying environmental toxins, 4) Healing autoimmune-related infections and 5) Trauma release process:

Includes Functional Health Consultation, 5 step Comprehensive Program Individualised and Tests Review