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Adrenal Glands

Adrenal Glands


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A Herbal Tea of: *Siberian Ginseng Rt. *Borage Leaf *Chinese Wild Yam Rt. *Kelp *Juniper Berries *Parsley Rt & Leaf *Liqustrium Lucidum *Ho Shou Wu Rt *Schizandra Berries *Saw Palmetto Berries *False Unicorn *Prickley Ash Bark This herbal formula was created to aid in the detoxification and regeneration of the adrenal glands.


SYSTEMIC ACTIONS: Adaptogen, alterative, anti-bacterial, anti-catarrhal, anti-fungal, anti-hypertensive, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, antiviral, anodyne, aperient, astringent, cardio-tonic, carminative, diuretic, demulcent, deobstruent, detoxicant, emmenagogue, emollient, expectorant, hormonal, immuno-stimulant, lithotriptic, sialagogue, stimulant, pectoral, parasiticide, sedative, stimulant, tonic, vulnerary, increases neurotransmitters and corticosteroids, including progesterone.


TRADITIONAL & HISTORICAL USAGE: Adrenal insufficiency, arthritis, fatigue and chronic fatigue (not from Epstein-Barr virus), a specific for low blood pressure, high blood pressure (occasionally), weak pulse, systemic inflammation, female reproductive problems, especially estrogen dominance (ovarian cysts, sore breasts, uterine fibroids, etc), prostatitis, exhaustion, low endurance, neurotransmitting issues, e.g., MS (Multiple Sclerosis), Parkinson’s, palsy’s, tremors, Lou Gehrig’s, etc. Post strokes, spinal cord injuries, all types of cancers, HIV (AIDS), skin conditions, heart arrhythmias, tinnitus, anxiety disorders. NOTE: Because of the Licorice Root, this formula may elevate the blood pressure temporarily, please monitor in high blood pressure cases. In high blood pressure case’s you may want to use the Endocrine Gland formula which assists in regenerating the Thyroid, Pituitary and Adrenal Glands, and does not raise the blood pressure. You may also use a Lymphatic, Kidney and Stomach & Bowel Formula to address the cause. NOTE: Weight and Blood Sugar problems can also be related to Adrenal Cortex insufficiency (hypo-activity). Always work on your Endocrine Glands as they control every cell within the body. The medulla of the adrenal glands produces neurotransmitters (epinephrine, norepinephrine, and dopamine hydrochloride). These regulate the action of the heart and nerve response. Low blood pressure is always a sign of adrenal insufficiency. The cortex of the adrenal glands produces the cortical steroids that act in the body as anti-inflammatory compounds. Adrenal weaknesses, in most cases, effect the production of these lipid (cholesterol) type steroids causing inflammation to go unchecked. A diet of mainly acid foods (standard human diet) causes inflammation within the tissues of the body. Long-term inflammation deteriorates tissue, eventually leading to ulceration, then to deterioration or cancer. If the Adrenal Glands are too weak, you may have to add a specific desiccated glandular (protomorphigin). A systolic blood pressure reading of 105 or less is a good indicator, but not always. Elevated cholesterol levels = #1. weak adrenal glands #2. high level of acidosis