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7 Day Life Change Program

//7 Day Life Change Program

7 Day Life Change Program



Life Change Health Institute is world leading in our Holistic approach to Health, Love & Happiness. the Life Change program is our signature Program and is truly world unique. The 7 Day Life Change Program includes Live Blood analysis, Daily Massage, Daily Yoga, Daily Meditation, Daily Dance, Evening Tantra workshops on sacred touch, Intimacy and sacred sexuality, Group Therapy based on the latest neuroscientific findings, trauma release work and attachment theory, Sauna, Colon therapy, organic Wheatgrass, organic Living Foods,Organic Juicing, Personal training, Educational Classes on Raw Lifestyle, health, nutrition and much more, Poetry written and spoken word, Nature walks,Loving & Compassionate Community, and Much More. This is An absolute Detox from Life on EVERY Level and you will not find a similar program to this in the world. Are you Living the Life you want right now ? if not then come and explore the blocks you have to be a better you and really living the life you want, Free from stress, destructive patterns and disempowering beliefs.

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