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Plant Based Teachers at Plant Based Academy

//Plant Based Teachers at Plant Based Academy

Plant Based Teachers at Plant Based Academy

Darren Maguire

Darren Maguire M.I.G.P.S is the founding director of Life Change Health Institute Group, where he currently serves as clinical director, lifestyle medicine coach, relational psychologist and trauma specialist. Darren is also the founder and culinary director of Plant Based Academy. Darren is a professional classical orientated chef with almost 25 years of professional chef experience including running two of his own fine dining restaurants in Dublin City. Darren now has over 13 years experience as a strict raw vegan and has travelled the world obsessively researching plant based health. Darren also runs a busy psychotherapy practice with a focus on functional health, lifestyle medicine, trauma recovery and conscious sexuality. Darren has infused this rich experience into the development of the course and module content which has evolved over 10 years to become the most comprehensive plant based course in the world with a unique and unparalleled focus on refined healthy plant based cuisine, herbalism, advanced fermentation, vegan skincare & cosmetics, plant based nutritional science and advanced raw chocolate. 



























Gregory Xavier

A former pupil of Plant-Based Academy, Gregory completed the certificate program in Ireland in early 2015. He used the knowledge gained to successfully transition to and maintain a predominantly raw food diet over the last 4 years. Gregory has also regularly attended raw food festivals around the globe and has directly learned nutrition and culinary skills under some of the world’s leading experts. Gregory also earned his certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from the T. Colin Campbell Institute offered by Cornell University in 2016. He has been educating others on the benefits of this lifestyle through his website,, and has lectured on the subject in Ireland, the UK, and North America. He passionately shares his vast knowledge and wide experience with all course participants.


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