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The 7 Day Life Change Program is our signature Program.The 7 Day Life Change Program is world unique in our holistic approach to physical, psychological, social and emotional health & well being. This Amazing program is suitable for you if you are recovering from an illness or trauma, seeking a Time-Out or looking to embrace a healthier fuller lifestyle of love and freedom then this is perfect for you. Change your Life in 7 Days . This is a 7 day residential program available in Ireland & Bali. Email if you are interested in registering for our next 7 day Life Change Program.




The 7 Day Life Change Program includes:

Live Blood analysis Sauna Educational Classes
Daily Massage Colon therapy Poetry written and spoken word
Daily Yoga Organic Wheatgrass Nature walks
Daily Meditation Organic Living Foods Sacred touch & Intimacy
Daily Dance Organic Juicing, Teas & Tonics Group psychotherapy
Evening Tantra Personal training Kirtan


This is An absolute Detox from Life on EVERY Level and you will not find a similar program to this in the world. Are you Living the Life you want right now ? if not then come and explore the blocks you have to be a better you and really living the life you want, Free from stress, destructive patterns and disempowering beliefs.


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I felt fantastic colorful energy, connecting people of different backgrounds, often changes in the daily schedule of treatments for example, were handled without panic,which made things work smooth. Art, dance and detox seems to go well together. As a volunteering therapist I had a feeling of good preparation. Amazed with the power of the organic food, even though juicing made my body feel quite cold for some time. Sauna was a great add to the whole. super facilities. From the volunteer point of view I can only point these qualities: understanding communication, open heartedness, experience of the therapists and workshop leaders.

Marcin Szala


The Life Change Program at The Life Change Health Institute is one of the best retreats that I've ever been to. I've been to many over the years and this latest trip was definitely one of my favourites, if not my favourite! That was my second time to work at the retreat. I loved the role of Juice Master which was very different from my previous mixed roles between the chaotic kitchen and the blissful reiki treatments upstairs experience I had the previous year. I really enjoyed spending time with the participants this year. It as a pleasure working with Glen and Audrey too. Answering questions, doing talks and demos and helping out from a nutritional perspective was very rewarding. I also got to spend time with other volunteers and being able to schedule the work around the optional program events was fantastic as I got to avail of so much healing work myself, which I'm a huge fan of. There was so much on offer and I was so thankful of the group therapy session for staff as this had not been available the previous year as far as I could recall (despite my sore throat aftewards!! ;-)). Retreat life is just amazing

Olive MacDonagh


A truly wonderful retreat that nourishes mind body and spirit. Darren is so totally committed to helping people be everything they can be in a wonderfully supportive and approachable way. This is certainly a life change event that you can feel secure in knowing will serve you to the utmost.

Lynn Paterson


I first completed my 7 day life change programme back in August 2011. When I first arrived at Townley Hall. I didn’t really know what to expect. I felt a little scared and cautious at first but meeting Darren,Stephanie and Nigel changed all that. I warmed to them straight away. I adapted extremely well to the raw food and loved the daily programme which included dance, yoga, massage, seaweed baths and process group work. I was overwhelmed by the experience after 3 days. I could feel myself growing and becoming more comfortable in my body after each day. I have since being taking part in the after care group work every Thursday for the last 2.5 years and have just completed my fourth life change programme. I decided to juice for the week for this one. It was so nice starting the day with the beautiful , kind hearted and colourful Danka for meditation and yoga. Then moving onto the dance meditation with the compassionate Darren's nice mix of music. The lovely juice lady’s Olive or Treasa would then provide us with are first juice of the day and friendly chats. The process group would then take place with Darren and Kimyia who both work so well together. Kimyia is so strong in herself and an exceptional therapist who still carry s her childish smile which is so comforting. Then the daily massages by the great selection of different massage therapist's and a bath which is so rewarding after the emotional process group work. It was also lovely chatting to the volunteers and participants every night in the sauna. I have been working with Hippocrates Europe for over 2.5 years now and I could only have dreamed a few years ago how well I feel today. I am starting to unlock the true me and breaking free of all the barriers in me that are preventing me from a great life. Keith

Keith Dunne


It was an amazing week!!! A few hidden surprises for me but Life Changing!!! I-m still on a high?? Have met all my goals and gave set new ones!! I feel very up-beat, positive, energised and want to go back?? Definitely interested in becoming a volunteer cooking in the kitchen would be my preferable option. I'm checking out venue to host a 6-8 week course based on Darren's Raw Organic Mastery class cooking which I completed before Christmas. Thankyou Darren, Audrey & Glenn, not forgetting all your merry team! Fantastic. Would recommend this to everyone! Well worth the money. Keep me posted on next available date please??

Joan Gormley 


My experience on the 7 Day Life Change Program was overwhelmingly positive and was in ways I still have not fully processed, Life Changing. I felt a more well rounded individual at the end of the week. The community environment was one of peace, love and safety.

Jerome O'Loughlin


Great team of people to work with. Loved every minute and fell energised on the raw food diet. A perfect start to the New Year.

Miriam o'shea


The 7 days were magical Organic food and an organic awakening for many ~ myself included. I experienced a real family feeling that still nourishes me. Loved the team Darren Audrey and Glenn ~ it was a pleasure to work with them. Loved Venus and her poetry ! I also appreciated the setting at BogHill. Felt home straight away and got close to the other volunteers and the participants ~ Will be back for more

Shikha Meier


'Recommend' is too tame a word for the advice I would give to anyone considering the retreat organized by the Hippocrates Europe team. After a decade of violent stress and upheaval which had left my confidence in tatters and my energy levels on the floor, I hoped the week would provide a period of respite, a fresh perspective, some renewed inspiration and the opportunity to kick-start some healthier habits. The program fulfilled these expectations, but – above all – reminded me of all that is good in the world, and went a long way to restoring my faith in humanity! The facilitators – Darren and Kimaya - are exceptionally skilled, experienced and compassionate, while the team of volunteers looking after us were like ministering angels! The elegant venue of Townley Hall itself is a delight; the pure lines of the architecture, the airy light-filled spaces, a series of exquisite paintings depicting a spiritual journey, and the miles of surrounding parkland, provide a serene and uplifting atmosphere in which to absorb the benefits of the program. It was my first visit to Ireland, and I felt incredibly welcomed from the moment I arrived. One of many touches which I appreciated were the quotations – from psychologists, sages and poets - placed every day at each setting on the dining-table. These included such gems as “You lose your grip, and then you slip into the masterpiece” and “We don't heal in isolation, but in community.” The raw food and juices, and accompanying workshops, were an education for mind, body and taste-buds! Without the accustomed comforts of coffee, dairy, sugar and even fruit, you will lose weight (I lost a stone in a week) and also be 'stripped down' for the therapeutic processes. As a complete novice, the group therapy (three hours daily) was a steep learning curve for me. If you are new to this, be prepared to draw on your reserves of courage, to face your demons and those of the other participants! The process actually continued beyond the group sessions themselves, with fellow participants continuing to share their experiences and support each other in chance meetings in hallways and bathrooms. In an atmosphere of unconditional love, people reconnect with their true nature, and their innate tendency to support and 'hold' each other, literally and metaphorically…. Expect to step well out of your comfort zone, but also to be nurtured with daily massage or energy therapy sessions, mineral salts baths, and to be able to express yourself in freestyle dancing and running barefoot in the dew before breakfast! There were cosy log-fires after dark; one evening, memorably, the sound of piano music filled the sitting-room – almost hidden in the shadows, one of the participants was playing the beautiful Steinway. Healing is a work-in-progress, but the week inspired me so much, and provided a new network of kindred spirits and wonderful connections.

A huge thank you to everyone involved!

Rebecca ( UK )


My motivation for doing the 7 Day life Change Program was simple: desperation! Life-long emotional problems had caused me to have huge amounts of debt; no idea of how I could pay them; chronic physical problems & frequent thoughts of death.  I wanted some solutions!  On the retreat I started to allow deeply-buried emotional issues to surface as well as learning about nutritional methods that would allow physical healing.  Within less than 3 months of completing the retreat the old issues that had tormented me for 40 years are no longer an issue; I'm finding my life's purpose & will deal with the financial challenge.  I've also been happily single for the first time in my life for the last few months.   I'm getting a juicer tomorrow & am committing to focusing on those foods that will allow me to have radiant physical health.  Thanks to you all for creating such a loving, healing & nurturing environment.  A brilliant experience & truly life-changing.  Andrew, Ireland.  If you're not sure whether to do the retreat or not, do it!

Andrew, Ireland


I have had a wonderful experience on my second 7 Day life Change Program with you and your amazing team. I have been on Retreats in well known places around the world, but yours beats them all - hands down!

What is different about your Life Change Program is that it is done with soul - a very rare commodity indeed. From the wheatgrass in the early morning to the chats around the blazing log fire in the evening sipping Happy Dream tea, every detail was taken care of by your amazing team of what I called Angels.

Before going on the 7 Day life Change Program I was overworking and overeating. I just couldn't stop either! As soon as I arrived in the wonderful Townley Hall I began to relax. I just LOVED the amazing seaweed baths the wonderful massages. I also enjoyed the yoga and meditation. This time I went to the group therapy group sessions and really benefited from them. When I had the live blood cell analysis done on the last day I was thrilled to learn that my adrenal stress level had significantly reduced from the time of the first Retreat. I also lost a few pounds of weight, and am continuing to eat more healthily since coming home.

I want to say an enormous thanks to you Darren, to Nigel, to Stephanie, and to Damian, Declan, Anji, Des, Peter, Ruby, Steven, Ciara, and the others whose names I do not recall. You are an amazing group of Good Guys! Thank You All!

Rita H


Hi My name is Audrey Habington and I went on the 7 Day life Change Program in May 2010. Before going on the retreat I didn't really know what to expect however my aim was to connect with my spirituality again. I really went into the  Life Change program with an open mind and it exceeded my expectations. I had such a wonderful weekend and met so many wonderful people. I really felt educated when I returned home. I had lovely treatments done on me and I felt rejuvenated when I came home. I must admit I did struggle with the food for the first day, however I didn't give everything a try and I really felt the benefit of this afterwards. I would recommend this retreat to anyone; it was an amazing experience that I will always hold with me.

Audrey Habington


I had initially decided to join the 7 Day life Change Program for a week of solitude seeking to refocus my intentions in life. I ended up fulfilling this wish while also willingly immersing myself in the company of the most beautiful and compassionate people I have ever met which included the coordinator's, a team of volunteers and fellow retreater's. The week helped nourish and heal my inner being on so many levels while also inspiring me to discover my true essence. The support and love that emanated throughout the week is indescribable and on a level I had believed lost in humanity. I can't help but feel it has changed my whole life and the direction it continues to flow in. There was a real sense of solidarity and the idea that one is not alone truly opens a new found trust and belief in the choices you make for your life and health. If there is one thing that I learnt and that I will carry with me; that is, love is all..

Aine Ni Dhomhnaill


I decided to do the 7 Day life Change Program in October 2010 so that I could learn more about the benefits of raw food for healthy nutrition.  Also, through the combination of healthy eating and massage therapy, I wanted to help improve a tendon problem I had in some of my fingers.  I found the 7 days to be nurturing and uplifting.  One of the elements of the retreat was Group Work.  While I found the Group Work to be very challenging at times, I found that the facilitator team of Darren, Nigel and Stephanie worked together extremely well to help me and everyone else in the group to work through whatever challenges they encountered.  I certainly felt much the better for doing this work and I saw significant shifts in other participants as they worked through their own challenges.  Between the raw food diet and the Group Work, full engagement in this retreat is not for the faint hearted.  That said, I would strongly recommend this retreat for anyone who is serious about taking a fresh look at nutrition and at challenges that they may be facing in their lives.

Peter Mohan, Director, Phoenix Change Consulting


My god I can not express in a paragraph the impact that these seven days has had on my life. I have been told by many people in lots of places that I need to love myself, that’s all well and good to say however sadly like many I need to be shown and my experience of the 7 Day life Change Program was that. I found this Program to be one of love, nurture and care I was awestruck by the compassion and wept the first night as I was so moved by the compassion of the team.  Apart from enjoying daily massage, and seaweed baths and many other treatments,  I have stopped smoking , I have converted to a raw vegan diet, I have lost weight and gained energy, physically I have never felt or looked so clean and healthy. The 7 Day life Change Program is just that A Life Changing experienced; The Team hold a safe and beautiful space along with the other generous facilitators. It was like a 7 day comfort blanket that I never want to take off and have found a great aftercare support so that I may bring this gift into my day to day life, don't think about it, just do it, I wish my experience and all I have gained upon everyone, we deserve it!! Despite what we may think we all deserve love understanding compassion and unity.

Tara Nixon O' Neil


I had been suffering from a particularly severe Crohn’s disease flare up for over 6 months and was at wits end with it when I got a mail regarding the 7 Day life Change Program from Darren.  I immediately signed up having had some experience in the area & knowing that I needed this to focus all my time and energy into getting healthy & well again.  I cannot recommend this course or these people highly enough.  Each day brought renewed health and energy due to regular yoga, meditation & delicious nutritious raw food.  The people running and volunteering on this retreat do it for all the right reasons & everything is done with care & love but also with a sense of fun which made the whole experience enjoyable beyond what I could ever have hoped for.  I have continued on the path to good health since, the start of this process I owe entirely to these people, I could not have done it on my own.

Thank you x

Allan  Coffey


This is definately a life-changing opportunity. it's what i had been looking for for many years. I had done courses in Australia, America, Canada...everywhere! I had found myself in pretty bad health, and doctors were no longer helping me.I could not accept that there was nothing to be done . I had a hunch that there were some blocks within my body that may be contributing to my state of health. My nutrition was pretty poor, my energy very low, and lots of withheld emotions. Through Hippocrates Europe 7 Day life Change Program i have found a path back to health, a place of self worth and value, and many mighty companions to journey with. The facilitators are without doubt the most gifted i have come across in my 22 years of searching for help. I encourage anyone who feels drawn to do their best to get here, You are worth it!

Mim Greene

Its one of the most soul nuturing plaices i have ever visited.As i arrived their Darren one of the faciliator/co ordinater carried my luggage to my room and made me feel like a princess also their was Nigel who was also very loving and caring and this created a beautiful atmosphere for healing right from the very start of my journey there. The fresh sea-weed bath's and massage's daily from unique skilled therapists were great for re-conditioning the body .The dancing at 7.30 in morning was great craic and exercise and what an awsome view out those windows dancing pure bliss !!!The raw organic food was so healty tasted nice and looked like a work of art.The building was stunning and had a lovely cosy atmosphere especialy with the big open fire in the sitting room where everyone sat around chatting and relaxing in the evening drinking the famous real herbal teas.The process of the life change programme was soulfully amazing expierience for me personaly it was a little tough at times to to release ols hurts but truely life changing and soul mending .I having being to other retreats but personaly believe i will not find another to be equal to the honesty integrity and most of all the amazing compassion as i have recieved at the retreat with Life Change Health Institute. My children and myself are so gratefull and feel blessed for how this positive expierence has helped us .

Audrey Byrne


Hi i am Anne Marie, i went on my first retreat in Aug 2010, and i have done six retreats since then, as the feelings of love, acceptance, compassion and non judgement keep drawing me back, and my personal development and increased awareness are growing constantly.I have been bringing my teenage daughter along since my first retreat and she loves them.
When i arrived on my first retreat i felt very apprehensive about doing this for a week, I was very stressed, uptight, and drained of energy,,but i soon melted when I was greeted with a hug and a very warm welcome from Darren , Nigel and Stephanie. and the rest of the team .
I was given a shot of wheat grass and green juice this was my first introduction to raw food, it was a pleasant surprise. I soon started to thaw out as i felt very welcomed and comfortable around them. i hadn't realized the extent of stress that i was feeling , and how it was a part of my everyday life, until the of the week, i felt like a different person and i never looked back .
I left looking and feeling great, my eyes looked fantastic from all the organic alkaline based food , and i felt great and so relaxed, i had gone down a dress size, plus i had healed a lot of deep wounds as i released suppressed emotions , i felt so much lighter and happier in myself. It was a life changing experience to be among such compassionate gifted expert healers .Feeling so cared for, gave me the drive to look at my life and continue on my path of personal development with a aim to find inner peace and feel happier and have more joy in my life.

AnneMarie lynam


I have a serious illness and have been going an alternative route for many years now. I have done several 7 day retreats with 7 Day life Change Program. I keep coming back for more, because the benefits they have made to my life, are enormous. The support and quality of care I have received from WPH was always exceptional. Their approach is WHOLE, which means they cover and address all the aspects of our beings, - which is essential to achieve true and comprehensive healing. Moroever, the care and love, is delivered sincerely and heartfeltedly. It would be a dream for someone like me, with a very serious illness, to be able stay in a place like this for an extended period. I think it is a great shame that this mode of care and addressing addiction / illness is not available in the conventional system.

Violet Flame


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