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BodySong Ecstatic Dance

/BodySong Ecstatic Dance
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BodySong is a Tantric Dance & Ecstatic Movement Class. For thousands of years, our ancestors danced to worship, prey, heal and journey into the territory of the heart. Come join this magical movement ministry as we connect heart, mind and body while experiencing a deep community connection. We will start the night with Rumi inspired poetry before opening up to inspirational music from around the world designed to release the spirit within, stimulate intuition & creativity and leave you in a state of profound peacefulness.

"If we enter into the spherical universe, into the marvelous sinuousness of the total being of who we are, we regain the suppleness of the newborn, joyous spontaneity, unprogrammed pleasure, slowness, the dawning of life in our organs, our skin, our gaze, our movements, our loving acts."