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Calming Tea Blend

///Calming Tea Blend

Calming Tea Blend



Traditional Uses - Total relaxation, anti depressant, elevate mood

Ingredients- Licorice root, Oatstraw, Chamomile, Nettle leaf, Lavender, St Johns wart, Damiana,

100% Organic 200g

Liquified is a Brand new range of Raw Vegan Organic & Medicinal products by Life Change Health Institute including sugar free vegan yogurt, sugar free vegan cheese, a range of medicinal nut milks, smoothies & juices, medicinal cacao products, chia puddings, water kefir, kava milk, and a range of medicinal elixirs. Check out our New website coming soon or go ahead and order some products today for this website.

Minium order of 100 Euro for our Medicinal Juice and Tonic Range, Delivery or Collection available, 10 Euro Delivery Charge. Ireland's First Medicinal Juice & Tonic bar will be opening very soon in Dublin.