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At the Life Change Health Institute we take a consilient view on healing. We view each person as a holistic human being in all their wonder and complexity.   As we as humans have bodies, we look at an individual through the lens of chemistry, anatomy and nutrition, as we are living beings we look through the lens of biology, relationships and neurobiology, as we have a mind we look through the lens of psychology, as we function in groups we look through the lens of sociology, group dynamics and group psychology, as we have culture we look through the lens of anthropology.

We take this view of humanity and challenges to humanity such as stress, disease and illness in all of the work we do at Life Change Health Institute. We do not believe that there is any one cause or any one solution or cure to any challenge we face.


The Life Change Program is world unique because it brings together many healing strategies from many schools of thought from around the world from Meditation to raw food Nutrition, from Massage to psychotherapy, from Herbal teas to nature walks, from Somatic psychotherapy to Holotropic breathwork. We bring these incredible therapeutic approaches together in an intimate community environment of emphatic attunement, compassion, non-judgment, radical honesty and emotional openness. We have found this to be incredibly healing on all levels. We nourish our bodies with maximum nutrition, compassionate touch, somatic psychotherapy, yoga, exercise and dance. We nourish our minds with meditation, mindfulness, relaxation, interpersonal exercises, connection, intimacy and learning. We nourish our spirit within a loving attuned community where we can discuss openly our traumatic past and how that effects us in the present, explore our shame, our masks and judgments within a compassionate therapeutic group setting, we open up to intimacy and vunerability. We do not believe in curing disease, we believe in educating and empowering people to live fully in the present, to open up to love, to explore the blocks to love and live fully free from destructive patterns, free from old behaviors repeating, free from the trauma of the past. Miraculously we have seen that when this happens, many times the illness disappears as very often we believe the illness to be a symptom of how we live, what we believe and how we see life and love. If we Love ourselves enough to radically change our lives we can be free of illness.



In our Psychotherapy groups, workshops, classes and sacred sexuality workshops we also use a consilient approach called Dynamic PsychoSocialSomatic Therapy. Life Change Health Institute offers world unique individual & group psychotherapy. We specialize in long-term relational trauma recovery, sexual trauma recovery and early childhood trauma recovery. We offer a very gentle, safe, supportive and compassionate space for deep relational work with highly skilled, trained and experienced psychotherapists. All of our psychotherapists are accredited or working towards accreditation with Irish Group Psychotherapy Society (I.G.P.S), which holds the highest accreditation standard in Europe. Our therapeutic approach is an overall evidence-based treatment approach for working with complex trauma and dissociation, that addresses the root causes of trauma-based presentations and fragmentation, and so results in long term recovery. Highly effective psychological and somatic techniques are woven into a carefully staged treatment approach, which systemically integrates significant relationships into the treatment process. Dynamic (PT) PsychoSocialSomatic Therapy seeks to heal early experiences of abandonment, neglect, trauma, and attachment loss, that otherwise tend to play out repetitively and cyclically throughout the lifespan in relationship struggles, illness and addictions. It is unique in that it approaches the body first (bottom-up processing) and unlike any other form of therapy also integrates the social element of looking at the clients nutrition, environment, support structures, relationships, level of intimacy and attachment style. Dynamic (PT) PsychoSocialSomatic Therapy involves working with the unconscious drive, energy medicine, behaviour, emotions, thoughts, body structure, posture and movements, the environment (relationships, support and nutrition) and transference.

Dynamic represents the unconscious drives and transferential material

Psycho refers to behaviour, emotions, beliefs and thoughts

Social refers to the environment such as sexuality, intimacy, diet, relationships, and support structure

Somatic represents the body, body structure, posture, movements, body armor, Eye Contact

Therapy represents the Relationship between client and therapist and the importance of this bi directional complex dyad of communication