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Healthy sexuality involves recognizing that we are all sexual beings, and celebrating the ways that our sexuality benefits us physically, emotionally, and spiritually.Healthy sexuality is positive and enriches our lives. Healthy sexuality allows us to enjoy and control our sexual and reproductive behavior without guilt, fear or shame.Sexual expression is a form of communication through which we give and receive pleasure and emotion. It has a wide range of possibilities - from sharing fun activities, feelings and thoughts, warm touch or hugs, to physical intimacy. It is expressed both individually and in relationships throughout life.

At Life Change Health Institute , Healthy sexuality & Tantric Practise is an integral part of all our work, we run a number of workshops called "Beyond The Bedroom" , "The Art of Intimacy" and "The courage to Love" . We Believe Tantra to mean Consciousness, a meditation, a way of life , a state of being rather than a performance, starting with the realtionship to self.

Our Workshops address sexual obsession and compulsive behaviors. Many people struggling with sexual compulsion carry burdens of shame and painful memories of unresolved sexual experiences or uncontrolled sexual behaviors. This work can help alleviate the shame and self-destructive behaviors that are often at the core of unhealthy sexual acting-out. The workshops also explore unhealthy sexual patterns and behaviors that deeply impact your ability to connect relationally in healthy ways. Whether the issues involved are past or present trauma, cultural messages, negative beliefs—these can serve as roadblocks to true intimacy.


Healthy sex comparison chart

Learning how to distinguish healthy sex from other forms of sex can empower you to bring healthy sex more into your own life.

The chart below outlines how healthy sexuality differs from abusive and addictive sex.


Healty Sex                                        Destructive / addictive Sex

Sex is controllable energy

Sex is uncontrollable energy

Sex is a choice

Sex is an obligation

Sex is a natural drive

Sex is addictive

Sex is nurturing, healing

Sex is hurtful

Sex is an expression of love

Sex is a condition of love or devoid of love

Sex is sharing with someone

Sex is “doing to” someone

Sex requires communication

Sex is void of communication

Sex is private

Sex is secretive

Sex is respectful

Sex is exploitative

Sex is honest

Sex is deceitful

Sex is mutual

Sex benefits one person

Sex is intimate

Sex is emotionally distant

Sex is responsible

Sex is irresponsible

Sex is safe

Sex is unsafe

Sex has boundaries

Sex has no limits

Sex is empowering

Sex is power over someone

Sex enhances who you really are

Sex requires a double life

Sex reflects your values

Sex compromises your values

Sex enhances self esteem

page2image41000Sex feels shameful