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The Following Guidelines are suggested in order to Promote Group safety, establish and maintain healthy Boundaries both inside and outside of group, and to nurture Respect, Compassion & Empathy for each other.


1) Please take responsibility for all emotions that come to surface regardless of whom ever may have triggered those emotions for us.

2) Please do not leave the group Room whilst a group member is sharing or In any event where you feel overwhelmed with emotion as all is welcome within the group room.

3) It is suggested not to Eat, Drink or Chew during Group sessions as this will inhibit your own Process and maybe also disturb a fellow group member's Process.

4) Please participate in Active Listening and Reflect on Your own experience whilst someone is sharing so that during feedback you can Validate & Identify rather than offer suggestions & solutions.

5) Please Respect the boundaries of Each member of Group and the group itself, If you are sharing to others about your own process in group, please do not share about others and respect other group members anonymity & confidentiality.

7) Please express freely within the group, everything is welcome except when it may cause harm to yourself or other members of the group, please share if you have concerns about this.

8) As transference is ubiquitous in all relationships, please honor this process and bring all transference material into group such as any issues that may arise around Time, confidentiality, boundary issues and feelings of abandonment.