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Conscious Parenting Group is a weekly psycho-educational, social emotional development and support group for Parents of young children and teenagers based on the Principles of Conscious Parenting. The Group is facilitated by Darren Maguire, founder of Conscious Parenting Ireland and Director of Life Change Health Institute Ltd. This group will be a life changing group for you and your children.

You will learn many healthy parenting tools that encourage healthy child development and secure attachment. You will also have a safe space to explore the unresolved trauma that can block this healthy secure attachment between you and your child. You will learn the simple ideas of conscious parenting and explore how to apply the often difficult practises of conscious parenting. This course is suitable regardless of the age of your children, the information from this course will change your Life.

Councious Parenting is an approach of attuned, mindful & responsive parenting. Conscious Parenting is based in the practice of nurturing parenting methods that create strong emotional bonds, also known as secure attachment, between children and their parent(s). This style of parenting encourages responsiveness to children’s emotional needs, enabling children to develop trust that their needs will be met. As a result, this strong attachment helps children develop the capacity for secure, empathic, peaceful, and enduring relationships that follow them into adulthood.

Conscious Parenting Ireland analyzes and disseminates the work of researchers in psychology, child development, and brain science who have studied and applied the behaviors and outcomes of attachment theory for more than 60 years. Conscious Parenting applies this knowledge to parenting practices.

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What we will explore

Our Parenting Inheritance - What do we bring to parenting from our own childhood? Why is parenting today so much more difficult than it has ever been?

Teaching Children Respect - The basis of all loving relationships is treating each other with respect. We teach children respect when we treat them with respect.

The Gift of High Self-esteem - The way we treat children teaches them what to believe about themselves. We can learn to make the time we spend with children each day count positively for the rest of their life.

Communication that Builds Relationship - Words can build or destroy a relationship. We can unlearn negative parent-talk and learn positive people-talk.

Discipline through Decoding Behavior - Children don't always have the language to tell us what they need, so they act it out with their behavior. We can learn to recognize "needy" behavior and respond to the need instead of react to the behavior.

The Needs of Parents - Parenting never was, and was never meant to be, a one or two person job. Childrens' needs are best met by parents whose own needs are met. We can, in our own community, learn to create extended family who can support us in nurturing our children and ourselves.

The Healing feeling - Responding to temper tantrums, crying, frustration, grief, and anger is a challenge we face every day. When we learn why "the crying is the healing, not the hurting," we gain a new level of understanding and skill in dealing with these emotions in our children and our selves.


The 3 Elements of Conscious Parenting

Attachment-style parenting - Natural childbirth and early bonding
- plenty of physical contact
- prolonged breast-feeding
- prompt responsiveness to crying
- sensitive attunement

Non-punitive discipline- No punishments of any kind (including spanking, "time-out", and artificial "consequences")
- no rewards or bribes
- a search for underlying needs and feelings
- anger management for parents
- peaceful conflict-resolution (family meetings, mediation, etc.)

Healing from stress and trauma- Recognition of stress and trauma (including unmet needs) as primary causes of behavioral and emotional problems
- emphasis on prevention of stress and trauma
- recognition of the healing effects of play, laughter, and crying in the context of a loving parent/child relationship
- respectful, empathic listening and acceptance of children's emotions.