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At Hippocrates Europe Health Institute, we believe trauma underlies nearly all conditions. Trauma, whether related to addiction, family-of-origin issues or abuse, can reverberate through the many facets of our lives, follow us into adulthood and inhibit us from living in the present.

We treat a variety of conditions with the objective of addressing the root trauma at the heart of each patient’s struggle. Hippocrates Europe treats patients experiencing one or a combination of the following conditions:

Trauma Bipolar Disorder
PTSD Love Addiction
Sexual Addiction Love Avoidance
Alcohol Addiction Eating Disorders
Drug Addiction Panic/Anxiety Disorders
Codependency Work Addiction
Depression Gambling Addiction
Cancer IBS & Crohns Disease


To find additional resources on any of the above conditions and read more about Hippocrates Europe Treatment philosophy, visit our online bookstore.