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About Darren Maguire

Darren Maguire is Managing Director of Life Change Health Institute Ltd. Darren is a practicing and accredited psychotherapist with Irish Group psychotherapy Society, a Daka (Tantric guide) at The Institute of Embodied Tantra & Somatic Sexology, Dance facilitator at Conscious Dance & Ecstatic Movement School, Teacher at the Institute of Conscious Parenting Ireland and a Raw Food Chef & Coach.

Darren Runs a number of workshops, events and courses Including The Courage To Love Tantra workshop, The Art of Tantra, The 7 Day Life Change Program, Radical Aliveness advanced group psychotherapy, Sexual trauma recovery group, Conscious Parenting Classes and The 12 week professional certified raw chef training course called Raw Food Mastery.

Darren is founder and creator of the Raw Vegan Organic Brands Liquified and Beutified. Liquified is a Medicinal Juice, Tonic & Elixir bar which will be opening in 2015. Liquified will be Irelands first certified organic juice bar serving a range of herbal juices, tonics, elixirs, probiotics, raw chocolate, raw snacks and vegan cheeses. Beautified is a Raw Vegan Organic & edible range of skin care products and cosmetics based on the Ayurveda principle, “ if you can not eat it then why put it on your skin”.

Darren has been a practitioner and facilitator of personal growth and self-transformation, in both his personal and professional life for over 25 years. Darren has over a 15 years of clinical research on neurobiology, psychology, psychotherapy, sexual trauma & abuse, attachment research, Tantra & Sexology, neuroscience and has spent over 20 years with a passion for nutrition. Darren’s’ passion for nutrition motivated him to open his first gourmet food restaurant in Dublin City when he was just 24 and his second restaurant two years later. Health and nutrition were a major part of Darren’s success in these restaurants. Both restaurants were fine dining with a focus on diabetic friendly sugar free, and gluten free meals including tasty gourmet vegan options. In 2009 Darren left his restaurant career to focus and develop upon the residential work at Hippocrates Europe Health Institute where Darren and his team would run a world unique and holistic program for people suffering with illness and addictions.

Darren is a Rutland Centre Trained group facilitator, holds a degree in Psychology, and certified in suicide intervention and Connection parenting. Darren and has an extensive field experience in Dynamic (PT) PsychoSocialSomatic Therapy, Drug addiction recovery, Sex Addiction recovery, Sexual Trauma work, Tantra & Sexuality, Work addiction and working with Violent offenders. Darren currently facilitates advanced psychodynamic group analysis specializing in transference and countertransference enactment work, rewiring patterns of neuronal activity through interpersonal communication in the here and now.

Darren spent many years researching and practicing NLP and CBT techniques including a mass of work with world-renowned personal empowerment coach Anthony Robbins. Darren has been trained in numerous other techniques, such as, Emotional Release, Co-dependency recovery, Psychodrama, Active Listening and Non-directive Therapy. His work reflects over 25 years of self-inquiry and radiates a heart-felt, compassionate, deep understanding of personality and essence. Darren also incorporates into his work his wealth of knowledge in nutritional science, interpersonal neurobiology, Conscious dance, psychoneuroimmunology, Psychodynamic psychotherapy, Core energetics, Tantric sexuality and non violent communication to accommodate his unique holistic & nondirective approach to personal well being.

Darren draws on his own experiences of healing and awakening as well as over a decade of integrative study, practice and teaching of transformational psychotherapies, Mindfulness, life coaching, health & nutrition and facilitating groups and workshops to become a skillful guide interweaving many paths of compassionate and conscious connection. Darren’s work is also influenced by is love and passion for trauma recovery work, psychoanalysis, NeuroPsychoanalysis and attachment theory. Darren is also under regular Clinical supervision and also participates in continuous personal development work and professional development work. Darren is accredited with The Irish Group Psychotherapy Society (IGPS), which has the highest standard of professional accreditation in Europe.

January 2018

Getting Past Trauma with Trauma Specialists at Trauma Recovery Institute

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Drawing on his work with patients who have survived a variety of traumatic experiences — from plane crashes to rape to torture — Van der Kolk considers the great challenge of those of us living with trauma:In response to the trauma itself, and in coping with the dread that persisted long afterward, these patients had learned to shut down the brain areas that transmit the visceral feelings and emotions that accompany and define terror. Yet in everyday life, those same brain areas are responsible for registering the entire range of emotions and sensations that form the foundation of our self-awareness, our sense of who we are. What we witnessed here was a tragic adaptation: In an effort to shut off terrifying sensations, they also deadened their capacity to feel fully alive. While this dissociation from the body is an adaptive response to trauma, the troublesome day-to-day anguish comes from the retriggering of this remembered response by stimuli that don’t remotely warrant it. Van der Kolk examines the interior machinery at play: The elementary self system in the brain stem and limbic system is massively activated when people are faced with the threat of annihilation, which results in an overwhelming sense of fear and terror accompanied by intense physiological arousal. To people who are reliving a trauma, nothing makes sense; they are trapped in a life-or-death situation, a state of paralyzing fear or blind rage. Mind and body are constantly aroused, as if they are in imminent danger. They startle in response to the slightest noises and are frustrated by small irritations. Their sleep is chronically disturbed, and food often loses its sensual pleasures. This in turn can trigger desperate attempts to shut those feelings down by freezing and dissociation. In a passage that calls to mind philosopher Martha Nussbaum’s excellent [...]

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December 2017

Happy Healthy Christmas Newsletter from Life Change Health Institute

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Life Change Health Institute is a world unique holistic treatment centre specialising in mind body medicine. We offer expertise in five main areas of focus which are trauma recovery psychotherapy, conscious sexuality & tantra, plant based nutrition, conscious parenting and functional health which embraces and draws from the totality of the regulatory functions of the body encompassing all of the biophysical, biochemical, enzymatic, endocrine, immunological, and bioenergetic regulatory capacities. Our unique integrative approach to addressing the mind body connection and how stress can massively impact and impair our development, our brains and our bodies has been developed from over 25 years of clinical experience and research drawing from the latest research and developments in attachment theory, affect regulation, object relations, neuroscience, poly vagal theory and interpersonal neurobiology. "Functional Health is a personalized, systems-oriented model that empowers clients to achieve the highest expression of health by working in collaboration with a functional health therapist to address the underlying causes of disease." Plant Based Academy At Life Change Health Institute, we believe trauma/stress underlies all conditions. Trauma and stress, whether related to addiction, attachment, neglect or abuse, can reverberate through the many facets of our lives, follow us into adulthood and inhibit us from living in the present. We treat a wide variety of conditions with a number of treatment strategies with the objective of addressing the root trauma at the heart of each person's life challenge. At Life Change Health Institute we are experts in working with complex trauma. We promote plant based nutrition, healthy sexuality, functional health, conscious lifestyle changes and long term psychotherapeutic relationships in order to maintain optimum health and well being. Read More   Functional Health Functional Health addresses the underlying causes of disease and weight gain, using a systems-oriented approach and engaging both client and functional [...]

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Healing From Chronic Illness with Mind Body Medicine at Life Change Health Institute

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Functional Health addresses the underlying causes of disease and weight gain, using a systems-oriented approach and engaging both client and functional health therapist in a therapeutic partnership. It is an evolution in the practice of medicine that better addresses the healthcare needs of the 21st century. By shifting the traditional disease-centered focus of medical practice to a more client-centered approach, Functional Health addresses the whole person, not just an isolated set of symptoms. Functional Health therapists spend time with their clients, listening to their histories and looking at the interactions among genetic, environmental, relational and lifestyle factors that can influence long-term health and complex, chronic disease, we also take a closer look at a clients relationship to food rather than just suggesting a diet, this is very effective for long term change, health and wellbeing. In this way, Functional Health supports the unique expression of health and vitality for each individual. Functional Health offers a powerful new operating system and clinical model for assessment, treatment, and prevention of chronic disease to replace the outdated and ineffective acute-care models carried forward from the 20th century. Functional Health incorporates the latest in genetic science, systems biology, and understanding of how environmental and lifestyle factors influence the emergence and progression of disease. Functional Health enables health professionals to practice proactive, predictive, personalized health care and empowers clients to take an active role in their own health.   Functional Health at Life Change Health Institute   Reclaim your health on our new 8 week life change program with Plant Based Academy. This 8 week life chnage program is a comprehensive professional program for weight loss and/or reclaiming your health through our functional health model. The 8 week program will include two psychotherapy sessions per week for 8 weeks, a comprehensive diet and lifestyle plan [...]

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Move to Plant Based Cruelty Free Milks, It’s Easy, Ethical and Super Healthy

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Cows produce milk for the same reason why humans do―to nourish their young. Cows produce milk for the same reason why humans do―to nourish their young.Ten months later, their calves are born, and a strong bond instantly forms between them.But they won’t have much time together.Typically, after one to three days, their babies are taken away from them, which causes both cow and calf extreme distress.They will never see each other again.The male calves are usually sold to the veal industry. There, they are kept in tiny crates to keep their flesh tender.They will be killed after just a few miserable months of life.The female calves will likely follow in their mothers’ footsteps in the dairy industry.But first, they will be dehorned. Dehorning is a procedure in which cows have their horns removed by means of saws, sharp wires, hot irons, guillotine dehorners, or caustic chemicals. It is extremely painful. The cows will spend the rest of their lives as milk machines, forced to produce 4.5 times what they normally would for their calf. When not on a factory farm, cows can live to be 20 years old. But cows used for milk are usually slaughtered for low-grade meat when they’re around 4 years old. That means four years of repeated artificial insemination, udder infections, and having their calves traumatically torn from their side shortly after birth. When you buy dairy products, you’re supporting this cruel cycle. Not only are people becoming aware that cow’s milk is bad for you, they are also learning that the myth of happy cows strolling on a grassy knoll is a far cry from the real suffering that cows endure on dairy farms. Operation Dean Foods from ARM Investigations on Vimeo.   Making Plant Based Milk 10 organic nuts or Handful of seeds [...]

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Professional Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition & Raw Food Mastery

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Become a certified raw food chef and plant based nutrition coach with Plant Based Academy, world unique raw & vegan culinary school. We offer courses both online and at our raw kitchen in Dublin. Classes delivered by a professional chef.   The Most important Decision anyone can make today is what to put into your body. Learn how to feed your body with the healthiest foods on the planet that you can prepare easily in your own kitchen. Save Money while saving your health and the planet. - Plant Based Academy   Plant Based Academy - World unique Raw & vegan Culinary School Plant Based academy is a raw and vegan culinary school. Training, educating and empowering students on plant based culinary art, vegan nutritional science and conscious living. Plant Based Academy is the only classically structured raw food course in Europe and world unique in its content, Certification and delivery. Plant Based Academy offers the most comprehensive certification program both on site at our raw kitchen in Dublin 22 and online. Full Course fee is 2,500.00 Euro - Payment plan available. Online Course is 1,250.00 euro payable upfront. Plant Based Academy is Europe’s first and only classically structured plant-based culinary school. Students will discover that raw food is not always cold food, which is particularly refreshing when living in a cold climate such as Ireland. Students will learn about Warm Porridge and warm soups, hot medicinal beverages. Dublin is host to some of the best farmers’ markets in Ireland and has a rapidly growing plant based community.Students learn how to work with whole, organic, unprocessed, plant-based foods to achieve healthy, aesthetically refined, nutritionally balanced for maximum absorption of nutrients and flavorful cuisine in the school’s intimate classes. Students’ benefit from personalized instruction that champion’s hands-on experience, within a brand new [...]

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Working with Borderline Personality Disorder & Narcisistic Personaility Disorder at Trauma Recovery Institute

By | 2017-12-05T22:29:26+00:00 December 5th, 2017|Blog|

Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) Otto Kernberg’s description of the pathological narcissistic individual centers around a set of paradoxes: self-inflation existing alongside a limitless need for praise, a charming and engaging surface covering a ruthless interior, and a persona of self-sufficiency defending against underlying feelings of intense envy . For Kernberg, the diagnosis of the narcissistic character also depends on the quality of the person’s object relations and the pattern of his or her intrapsychic defenses. Narcissistic individuals experience their relationships with others as exploitative and parasitic. They divide the world between those who contain something that they can extract and those who do not. They distinguish between extraordinary people on the one hand - in association with whom narcissistic individuals experience a sense of greatness themselves - and mediocre or worthless people on the other. Narcissistic individuals idealize the former and are contemptuous of the latter. Yet those they idealize they also fear, as they project onto them their own exploitative wishes and experience them as potentially attacking and coercive. They thus are unable to rely on any object and fear dependence on another person, rendering all their object relations empty and dissatisfying. Like the borderline character, Kernberg’s narcissistic individual uses primitive defenses of devaluation, projective identification, omnipotence, and primitive idealization in his or her efforts to preserve self-esteem and self-coherence and to combat the intense feelings of envy and rage that threaten to undermine them. The narcissistic individual is distinguished from the borderline individual by his or her sense of object constancy, better impulse control, and better social and professional functioning, although these too may be fragile and hollow beneath a surface of apparent solidity. Although splitting as a defense is found in narcissistic pathology, its use is less prominent than in borderline pathology. The grandiose self further differentiates [...]

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November 2017

Becoming Whole – Life after Complex PTSD

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The core dilemma of complex trauma is that your longing for connection conflicts with memories that tell you relationships are not safe. Initially, you may re-create relationships that match what you already know. perhaps you unintentionally push people awayand then feel angry that nobody ever calls/supports you. Maybe you tend to choose partners who treat you poorly because deep inside this feels familiar. In contrast, a healing relationship such as the psychotherapeutic relationship will allow you to gently recognise and take responsibility for any part you may play in perpetuating unhealthy dynamics. In a trusting Relationship , you can expose your fears and learn that you will not be rejected or harmed. Slowly, you'll learn to allow another person to witness your confusion, discomfort, anger, grief, or shame. Whether you are feeling anxiety depression you can use tools to engage your social nervous system to re-establish higher order nervous system functions. For example, if you are experiencing anxiety you are likely in fight or flight, a key defense reaction of sympathetic nervous system. Sympathetic actions involve mobilization; the need to move your body to release the build of stress cortisols. You can engage your social nervous by rubbing your hands together vigorously and making physical contact to your own face, neck, upper chest, arms, and legs. You can also explore physical movements that feel safe and grounding such as going for a walk or shaking your arms and legs to release stress. When we feel safe we can engage our social nervous system to use the energy of the sympathetic nervous system to dance, play, and laugh. Feeling shut down, collapsed, depressed, or numb is an indication that you are in the defensive reactions of your parasympathetic nervous system which is characterized by immobilization. If you have a history of trauma [...]

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A Mind & Body Approach to Thriving Instead of just Surviving after Trauma

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If you were neglected or abused as a child, your primary orientation to the world is likely to be one of threat, fear, and survival. Its only natural that a childhood experience with untrustworthy parents would leave you untrusting or confused about what constitutes a loving relationship. Fear and lack of safety might compel you to continuously scan your environment for potential threats. you may have relied on coping strategies to survive, such as dissociation, a protective mechanism that disconnects you from threatening experiences. if you can relate to these qualities, you may also identify with related issues such as self criticism, emotional suffering, and relationship difficulties. Healing childhood trauma involves a balance: attending to the wounds of the past while living in the present.   Take comfort in this: Complex PTSD is the result of learned ineffective maladaptive beliefs and behaviours that can be replaced by a positive mind set and health promoting social engaging behaviours.   The Role of the Therapist in transforming attachment trauma:  Healing into wholeness takes the active participation of at least one other brain, mind, and body to repair past injuries – and that can be accomplished through a one-to-one therapeutic relationship, a therapeutic group relationship or one that is intimate and loving. In exploring the “age and stage” development of the right hemisphere and prefrontal cortex in childhood, we discover how the presence of a loving caregiver can stimulate certain hormones, which will help support our growing capacity for social engagement and pleasure in all of our relationships. Brain integration leads to connection and love throughout our entire life span. At trauma recovery institute we bring a deep focus to the role of Neuroscience in restoring the brain’s natural attunement to Secure Attachment. Our brain is a social brain – it is primed for [...]

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Crossing The Bridge ,From Relationship Conflict to Passion & Adventure

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When we meet our partners, we make an unconscious contract to help each other resolve emotional injuries of the past , we unconsciously pick or hire the perfect person to trigger this stored painful memory of our past , it is for this exact reason we have come together . Relationships are not a problem to be solved but an adventure to be embraced. Conflict is a gift to be unpacked , to embrace, an opportunity to grow , resolve and mature . Conflict can not be resolved at the level with which it was created. We hire the person in our life who is most compatible to help us resolve what is unresolved from our childhood. Our relationship lives in the space between us and it is sacred . This becomes the playground for our children . When there are only two options , take the third option ! Keep the space between you safe and sacred . Honour the space between you , by visiting the other by crossing the bridge . Cross the bridge with an open mind to learn , with curiosity and compassion , leave behind your hurt and trauma. Crossing the bridge is becoming completely present with your partner, listening without interruption, defensiveness or judgement, holding an unconditional space for your partner to share. Beyond right thinking and Beyond wrong thinking there is a field , I will meet you there - This is the third option   Seven principles for conscious relationships 1. The relationship lives in the space between us. 2. The emotional charged part of your partner is the child in them trying to tell their story , allow each other to tell that story by crossing the bridge. 3. We are energy that can be positive and negative , be aware of this [...]

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Trauma Recovery Group Dublin

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Neuroscience informed group psychotherapy facilitated by trauma specialists at Trauma Recovery Institute Dublin. The advanced group psychotherapy is suitable for psychotherapy students and those who have at least 4 years experience with psychotherapy.The psychotherapeutic approach applied is Dynamic Psychosocialsomatic Psychotherapy (DPP) which is a very unique blend of interpersonal neurobiology, psychodynamic psychotherapy and transference focused psyschotherapy incorporating the poly vagal theory by stephen porges. This group is a very effective platform to work through the neurobiology of trauma with the nervous system always in mind, keeping the client safe and in felt sense at all times. Trauma can be conceptualized as stemming from a failure of the natural physiological activation and hormonal secretions to organize an effective response to threat. Rather than producing a successful fight or flight response the organism becomes immobilized. Probably the best animal model for this phenomenon is that of ‘inescapable shock,” in which creatures are tortured without being unable to do anything to affect the outcome of events. The resulting failure to fight or flight, that is, the physical immobilization (the freeze response), becomes a conditioned behavioral response. In his book, Affect Regulation and the Origin of the Self, Allen Schore has outlined in exquisite detail the psychobiology of early childhood development involving maturation of orbitofrontal and limbic structures based on reciprocal experiences with the caregiver. Dysfunctional associations in this dyadic relationship result in permanent physicochemical and anatomical changes, which have implications for personality development as well as for a wide variety of clinical manifestations. An intimate relationship may exist, with negative child/care giver interaction leading to a state of persisting hypertonicity of the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems that may profoundly affect the arousal state of the developing child. Sustained hyperarousal in these children may markedly affect behavioral and characterological development. Many traumatized children and [...]

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